It all started when...

My son was two years old. I knew I wanted Santa pictures but the only place to get them taken was at the Meadowood Mall in Reno, NV.

So my husband and I got him dressed in his Christmas best and loaded up the car to make the 60 minute car ride to Reno. 

We waited in the horrendous mall line for another hour and finally got our turn to get pictures with Santa. The picture was over in under two minutes and he never even got a chance to talk to Santa. 

All this kid wanted to do was tell Santa about the toy car he had been dreaming about for Christmas. Instead he was told to sit still and look at the camera.

As soon as he did what was asked of him, he was quickly removed from Santa's lap and shuffled to the next station so mommy and daddy could order his awkward picture. 

Now, I guess I should have realized that's what the mall Santa experience was like.

But I didn't. 

I thought he would have a moment to tell Santa what he had wanted most for Christmas. 

I thought he would be able to sit for a moment and take in the magic of it all. 

I thought, at the very least he would a candy cane.

Well, nothing about that experience was what I had expected. Not even the candy cane part. And I can't even imagine how my son felt.

That is when I knew there had to be a better way.

A better way to get amazing photos of your kid/s with Santa.

A better way to experience the magic of it all.

A better way to interact with Santa Claus and spend a few moments to actually enjoy the experience.

And a more convient alternative than driving and hour to Reno and waiting in line forever with a toddler.

And that is how The Santa Experience started.


The Santa Experience


A convenient way to get photos taken with Santa that truly captures the magic of the season.


Believe in the magic

The Santa Experience is designed so that kids get to actually spend some time with Santa himself.

They can enjoy milk and cookies together, share their wish list and listen to an exciting story.

What To Expect

You can expect your session to start on time and last 15 minutes. No more waiting in line with little ones and bribing them to smile once they are in front of the camera.

I've got you covered.

You can relax and watch the magic unfold or you can jump in a take part of the experience. 


The Details

The Santa Experience will take place Saturday, November 10, 2018. There are 8 time slots to choose from and start every 15 minutes. Each session will last 15 minutes and each child will receive a candy cane from Santa. Cookies & Milk and other props are provided by the studio. Each experience is $299 and includes prints, digital images and custom designed holiday cards.

Get In Touch

If you have additional questions or would like to get in touch with the studio before you book your session please fill out the contact form here.


The Santa Meeting

New this year

The Santa Meeting is a new addition that has been added this year. I wanted to give families the opportunity to be locally and professionally photographed with Santa. The Santa Meeting is a quick photo session using my Santa and set design without the hassle of driving to Reno.

The Details

Each session will last approximately 4 minutes and yield 4 digital images. 4 families will be scheduled in 15 minute time blocks. The Santa Meeting is a very fast paced, high volume experience. Your child will get to briefly interact with Santa while I capture a few pictures. All final images will be edited and delivered through an online gallery. The experience serves families who just want a few pictures with Santa and are not the interested in an entire experience with him.