I love to keep things simple and elegant.

To me that means I use a lot of textures, white and neutrals. And yes, I count pink as a neutral. I love negative space and clean, intentional designs.

Rustic wood, delicate fabrics and classic baby toys are a few of my favorite things. Joanna Gaines is my spirit animal and I try to mix her design aesthetics into my photo sets and products I create.

My images are very light and airy. I stay away from harsh contrasts such as black and I encourage my clients to wear creams and muted colors during their photo sessions. I offer a studio wardrobe collection to make things easy by taking away the worry of not knowing what to wear.

Albums and other products that I offer combine high quality materials and handcrafted artisanship. Everything is thoughtfully designed to tell your story in a timeless, luxurious way.