What To Wear-Motherhood Edition

This month’s “What To Wear” guide is completely focused on moms. With “A Motherhood Event” coming up I thought it would be helpful to preview some of the dresses I currently have available in the studio wardrobe that you are able to borrow from. My initial goal behind the studio wardrobe is to prevent moms from stressing out about what to wear so you can truly relax and enjoy the experience.

If you would like more information about the Motherhood Event please check out this post here.

When I think about images of motherhood some of the first thoughts that come to mind are feminine, flowy, motherly, authentic beauty, loving and soft. All the images that I’m drawn to of mother and child have a lot of movement in the clothes and are made from soft, flowing textures. The colors are also very feminine and earthy making these portraits timeless and beautiful.

As a photographer, I strive to focus on the interaction between mother and child. One of the ways I do that is by eliminating bold colors which allow for your eye to feel the love and joy in each photograph instead of being distracted by everything else.  This is why clothing matters so much in the images you see in my work.

To make it easy on busy moms, I offer a studio wardrobe that you are able to borrow from for your photo session with Always Elegant Photography. Each piece of clothing available has been tested to ensure that it photographs beautifully making you and your child the focus of your images.

Here are some pieces from the wardrobe collection that you are welcome to use during your Motherhood photo session.


All of the sizes vary. However, on the flowy dresses, I tend to buy them bigger so they can fit a variety of mamas. If they are too big, I’m able to clip them in the back for a custom fit.

If you have specific questions about a dress or would like to visit the studio prior to your session please email me to set-up a time. Also, as a reminder, even though this guide is focused on mama’s, don’t forget that I’m able to dress the entire family so no need to but the kids' anything new.

I hope you find this this What To Wear guide helpful whether you are beginning to plan for a photo session or simply need some ideas of dresses that are soft, flowing and beautiful.

As always, if you have a photo session scheduled with Always Elegant Photography you will have complete access to my studio wardrobe. Clients are welcome to borrow any items they would like to use during their photo session. Each piece has been hand selected by me to ensure that it photographs well and tells your story in an always elegant way.

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