What To Wear-February Edition

Every year around this time I love to check out all of my favorite online retailers. For clothing stores, this month is all about transition. You will see stores moving from dark heavy layers to light colored, cozier knits. And it’s especially enjoyable because there are so many adorable Valentine's Day outfits to choose from.

With Valentine’s themed photo sessions coming up it can be really exciting to purchase a few new outfits for your little ones. But before you hit that “buy” button make sure to take a look at my What To Wear - February Edition for some easy tips on ensuring your kid’s outfits will photograph well and stand the test of time.

Now as you may know by now, I love photographing people in neutral colors. And yes...I count that perfectly toned blush/pink as a neutral. To me, neutrals just have this way of standing the test of time. By using neutral colors you are able to combine textures and layers that allow you to create completely different looks all while keeping everything simple and elegant.

And that’s what I’m all about. I want you to be able to enjoy your photographs 5, 10, or 30 years from now and remember how that moment made you feel. The last thing anyone wants is to look at a photo and wonder “What was I wearing?”

Knowing what to wear for Valentines pictures can be a little tricky. Even though everything is so cute and playful, you will still want to choose something that can stand the test of time.


Here are a few things to focus on when shopping for Valentine’s Day outfits that photograph well.

  • Focus on cream and blush base colors.

    A lot of outfits are black with red hearts on them and through the years I have found that these colors photograph extremely harsh against little kids. They also tend to date your picture. Instead, opt for cream colors for boys and blush tones for girls. You can always add a pop of red with a cute prop instead of including it with the outfit.

  • Pay attention to the texture of the fabric.

    A lot of retailers are adding their spring line to stores. While those outfits are really cute during the right season, a thin tank top dress looks off in the month of February. Instead, choose clothes that are made of cozy knits and warmer textures.

  • Add a tulle skirt for a pop of interest.

    I love when little girl dresses have a tulle skirt. I think incorporating tulle adds interest without being too distracting. Look for a dress with a tulle skirt or if your child is young enough you can even use just a tulle skirt and a string of pearls. This will give your photos a feeling of love and elegance.

  • Pick a heart pattern.

    I rarely use patterns during photo sessions, but nothing says Valentine’s Day more than a heart patterned dress or shirt. As long as you choose something in the neutral family and the fabric isn’t shiny this can be a really classic way to capture the love of the season.

There you have it. A few tips to keep in mind when shopping for your kid’s Valentine’s Day photo session outfits.

If you have a photo session scheduled with Always Elegant Photography you will have complete access to my studio wardrobe. Clients are welcome to borrow any items they would like to use during their photo session. Each piece has been hand selected by me to ensure that it photographs well and tells your story in an always elegant way.

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