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10 Elegant Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy on Social Media

How people announce their pregnancy can really give you a sense of their journey. Maybe this is their first child and the pregnancy was completely unexpected. Maybe it is their third pregnancy and the announcement was delayed because life with two other kids is hectic. Or maybe this person has been experiencing a long infertility journey and this pregnancy is the answer to countless prayers and medical help.

Whatever the story is, the picture you choose to share on social media can help you convey that.

These pregnancy announcements really evoke emotion. They make their audience feel as if they are apart of the mother’s journey. You instantly feel connected with the excitement each mom is feeling and the adventure that is about to begin.

14 Simple Ways to Capture your Kids this Valentine's Day

14 Simple Ways to Capture your Kids this Valentine's Day

Every year I always look forward to taking photos of my little ones for Valentine’s Day. I usually spend about 10 minutes and capture some super sweet images of my kids. Then I use those pictures to make Valentine’s cards for school and social media. This has been a little tradition of ours since my oldest son was in preschool.

As the years have passed, family and friends are always delighted to receive their updated Valentine’s Day pictures of the kids. And I get a chance to incorporate new props that I later use during my clients Valentine’s photo sessions. While this was not a thing I was planning on making a tradition all those years ago, I’m so glad that it has become one.