14 Simple Ways to Capture your Kids this Valentine's Day

Every year I always look forward to taking photos of my little ones for Valentine’s Day. I usually spend about 10 minutes and capture some super sweet images of my kids. Then I use those pictures to make Valentine’s cards for school and social media. This has been a little tradition of ours since my oldest son was in preschool.

As the years have passed, family and friends are always delighted to receive their updated Valentine’s Day pictures of the kids. And I get a chance to incorporate new props that I later use during my clients Valentine’s photo sessions. While this was not a thing I was planning on making a tradition all those years ago, I’m so glad that it has become one.  

If this is something you would like to try I want to encourage you to grab your camera and go for it. To get you started, here are 14 simple ways to capture your kids this Valentine’s Day.


14 simple ways to capture your kids this Valentine’s Day

  1. A simple picture in their Valentine’s Day outfit. Find a neutral background and snap a photo of them wearing that cute outfit that you thought long and hard over before buying.

  2. Holding a heart-shaped cutout. This is an easy prop to make. Just grab some red or pink construction paper and cut out a heart. Have them hold it and look at you with that adorable smile.

  3. Fill a jar with candy hearts. You can use a mason jar or any other interesting jar with a lid. Fill it with candy hearts and snap away.

  4. Baking sugar cookies. If you love to bake then set aside a few extra minutes and capture your little ones decorating heart-shaped cookies. If your kids are too little or you don’t enjoy baking, you can switch out real cookies for felt cookies and pretend to bake them.

  5. Eating a heart sucker. This is a super simple picture but it still captures the essence of Valentine’s Day.

  6. Make a Valentine’s card for someone. If you like to make crafts then this is a fun option. You can photograph kids writing a letter to someone special or even assembling one of those box set kits for school.

  7. Holding a handful of something cute. I use this idea a lot for toddlers. It gives them something to do with their hands and you don’t need to capture a smile. You can have them look at whatever their holding or just compose your image to capture what’s in their hands. Some ideas of what to hold are heart-shaped confetti, heart candies or red hots.

  8. Holding little heart shaped objects in front of their eyes. I also use this pose a lot so kids don’t have to look directly at the camera. Just have them hold 2 objects in front of their eyes and smile.

  9. Enjoying a cupcake with pink and red sprinkles on it. While you don’t want this to look like a cake smash you can certainly capture your kids holding a cupcake or biting into one and call it a Valentine’s Day image.

  10. Eating a heart-shaped box of chocolates. These little heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are a fun way to incorporate the holiday and what kid would resist having their photo taken if they get to enjoy chocolate during their session. Just move quickly because chocolate gets messy fast.

  11. Holding a heart-shaped balloon. If chocolate is too messy for your style (which is why I have never done it) another simple option is to have your little one holding a heart-shaped balloon. They can look up at the balloon or at you but either way, it would be cute and simple.

    These next few ideas would make a really sweet photo series.

  12. Smelling the roses. Have your child close their eyes and smell a bouquet of roses

  13. Handing out a single rose. Think Bachelor or Bachelorette style images where your child is pretending to hand out the final rose.

  14. Sitting in a pile of rose petals. When you are done photographing the roses, tear off all the petals and scatter them on the floor. Then have your child sit on them or lay their head on the rose petal pile. You can even gather a pile of rose petals and use idea number 7 to capture an additional image in your series.

I hope these 14 simple ways to capture your little ones this Valentine’s Day has inspired you to try your own photo shoot. Remember, focus on using a neutral background and only incorporate one prop at a time. Make it even easier on yourself and pick just one prop and try to make a series out of it. I find that the simpler the photo shoot, the more likely I will actually make time to do it.

Best of luck and if you do try any of these suggestions make sure to tag #aepphotoinspo so I can see how you have used these ideas to capture your little ones.




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