Letter From Ashley-February 2019 Edition

February is its own kind of fresh start to the new year. Spring is on the horizon, blush-toned colors are appearing in stores all over town and a feeling of love can be felt throughout.


To me, February is one of those months that if you’re not intentional with your time it will be over far too soon. During the month we are reminded to reconnect with the ones we love and to take some time to celebrate one another. And even though this month can quickly pass you by, it still offers so much hope of what’s to come.

Here are some exciting things I can’t wait to share with you.

Last September, Matt and I celebrated 10 years of marriage with an intimate and elegant vow renewal ceremony. I have been patiently waiting to share all the details and the beautiful photos we had taken to forever document that special day. Renewing our vows served as an important reminder of how much we have grown as a couple, as individuals, as parents, and as a family.

These past 10 years have shed so much light on what matters most to us. And as we continue to build a life we are proud of we’ve learned a few key lessons along the way. In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’ve decided to share a few things we have learned and how we’ve made it this far in our marriage. While our story is unique to us, these powerful lessons can be applied to anyone who is in a committed relationship.

And speaking of Valentine’s Day, I have created a guide to help you plan your own photo shoot using simple and easily accessible props. Make sure to block some time on your calendar so you can look back years from now and be reminded of how you celebrated February 14th.

Throughout the guide, focus on incorporating only one prop at a time. This ensures that the photo is all about your little one and not an overwhelming photo set filled with hearts, balloons, candy and teddy bears. My intention is that this guide will inspire you to take a few photos of your own kids and not make you feel intimidated by everything else you may see online.

After the celebration is over, life quickly begins to shift.

You know what they say…

First comes love.

Then comes marriage.

Then comes the baby in the baby carriage.

Well, that’s what usually happens right after Valentines Day. I don’t know if the long, cold month of January has something to do with it or a fantastic date night with the husband. Either way, by the end of the month, you’re sure to see your Instagram explode with “We’re Expecting” news. And I for one, love seeing those announcements come through in my feed.  

If you find yourself needing to share this amazing news with friends and family or if you’re just “researching for a friend” I have something special for you. I’ve rounded up my top 10 elegant ways to announce your pregnancy on social media and I can’t wait to share them with you. And as an added bonus, most of these ideas include my ‘Favorite Finds’ featured on Instagram that I use time and time again.

Like I said earlier, there is so much going on in this short month of February. I can’t wait to cheer you on along the way as you dive into the stories and how-to’s that I’ve created for you. I truly hope these articles inspire you and help you to capture your life elegantly.